Welcome to DecantWelcome to Decant

Welcome to Decant

We <3 Mountaindale

We <3 Mountaindale

We used to have a little shop in Mountaindale, to make it up to the locals for leaving we are offering free next-day delivery to F&G Mountaindale. Use code MDALE2024 at checkout and select Forage for your pickup location. Please note they are open Thursday - Monday.

About Us

Decant has brought local and international wines, spirits, and ciders to Main Street Hurleyville, NY. We look forward to hosting tastings, classes, and more in our beautiful 1,200 sq ft shop with 300+ products.
creatures of place. - #1

Meet the Makers Who Created Our Space

creatures of place.

Samantha Leeds, Designer


Contact Us

Fall & Winter Hours Thursday-Saturday 12-6 Sunday 12-5
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